Museums and Heritage

Kaduna Museum is a museum in Kaduna, Nigeria. The museum was opened in 1975 following the donation of the old Northern People’s Congress building by the North Central State Government.

Gidan Makama Museum Kano or Kano Museum is a museum in Kano, Nigeria. This building served as temporary palace of Kano before the current palace Gidan Rumfa was constructed in the 15th century.


Gidan Dan Hausa Museum and Kano State Cultural Centre– Has a collection of artifacts from stone age to present day within the collonial house of the governor from the 1900s.

The National Museum of Colonial History in Aba was opened in 1985. The museum’s building, which is also a national monument, was brought in from Britain in the 1890s and assembled at Akwete to serve as a trade station. Its collection consists of objects relating to the colonial period in Nigeria…

National Commission For Museums And Monuments– Today’s National Commission for Museums and Monuments (NCMM) has its root in Nigeria’s Antiquities Service, which was established on 28 July 1943; and, in the early days of museum administration in Nigeria.

The Benin City National Museum is a national museum in Benin City, Nigeria. located in the city centre on King’s Square. The museum has a significant number of artifacts related to the Benin Empire such as terracotta, bronze figures and cast iron pieces.

The Royal Palace of Oba of Benin is a UNESCO listed heritage site. It is notable as the home of the Oba of Benin and other royals. The palace, built by Oba Ewedo (1255AD – 1280AD), is located at the heart of ancient City of Benin. It was rebuilt by Oba Eweka II (1914–1932) after the 1897 war with the British it was destroyed.

Nigerian National Museum is a national museum of Nigeria, located in the city of Lagos. The museum has a notable collection of Nigerian art, including pieces of statuary and carvings and archaeological and ethnographic exhibits.


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